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Utah Genealogical Association members are entitled to a special discount on all Houstory products. Visit the UGA Web site for more information.
Capture your treasured family memories for posterity, in the order they happened. Lay out the stories of each and every generation on scrollabletimelines, share with friends and family online and create a permanent digital legacy for the future. We can, literally, save your life. Visit to get started for free.
"The Heirloom Registry makes it easy and affordable to write a simple history of your family treasure that will be available for future generations.... (it is) an innovative product that brings together technology and family treasures."

Denise Levenick, The Family Curator
"The Heirloom Registry... will solve the problem of trying to keep the heirloom with the story behind it. Guess what my family are all getting for Christmas?"

Debbie Mascot, Mascot Manor Genealogy
"Overall, I found using the Heirloom Registry a very quick and simple process. I like the idea of having a catalog of family heirlooms that can be accessed via "the cloud" from any computer... I was impressed by the 'Certificate of Registration' printable page and the encouragement that it should be printed out and preserved. I had a good experience with this service and look forward to adding more heirlooms to my account."

Marian Pierre-Louis, Marian's Roots & Rambles
"I'm really excited about the innovation Houstory is bringing to the genalogy community. I think everyone should use the Heirloom Registry to be able to ensure that their precious family heirlooms can be identified and passed down with their stories."

Janet Hovorka, President of the Utah Genealogical Association